Guidance for Creatives

Art Videos and Curated Exhibitions focused on Learning and Growing

The investigation and continuous experience of art is an essential component to visual problem solving in every communication genre.

I emphasize creative purpose and experimentation that will guide you towards a development of your own individual narrative and body of work through dynamic instructional videos and art chats. The videos and exhibitions curated are focused on reflecting an informed and unique perspective while having an awareness of how ideas and creative thinking relate to the contemporary world.



Hello Fellow Creatives!

My name is Erin Malia Cross. 

I hold a MFA in Visual Studies from Norfolk State University and have over 15 years experience in the educational and professional art field.

Art is for everyone!

Let's explore the dynamic world of art together as I explore collections, individual artworks and artists through informative videos that will serve as catalyst to your growing interest in story and communication. My art history chat videos showcase various collections I have curated and individual works of arts by artists that will fascinate and influence you. My studio art videos are instructional and meant to help the viewer towards a more productive path in art making.


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